This issue’s theme is Rising Strong with a focus on young adults with cancer and we are so pleased at how it has turned out. Starting with our cover story of Emma-Liegh Riggien who shares her story of undergoing limb-saving surgery at age 15 in Eternally grateful to be a survivor to Hodgkin lymphoma cancer survivor, Gabriella Kourie, sharing her Lessons learnt from a diagnosis at age 19.

Social worker, Avril de Beer, offers Five tips for managing school or university during treatment while Prof Gita Naidu describes the Top cancers in adolescents. We also hear how a Mom ensures daughter has fertility options after the daughter had her right ovary removed and underwent chemotherapy.

We also put the spotlight on Childhood leukaemia: frequently asked questions and the feel-good story of Miracles happen because of blood and stem cell donors. 

Keep on rising strong.

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cover 41 OB AugSept22

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The importance of sound nutrition after a cancer diagnosis

Dietitian, Berna Harmse, educates us on nutritional status and the outcome of cancer, and offers tips for nausea. Being diagnosed with cancer is a devastating event, and most people living with cancer, experience the day they get the news as a life-changing moment. Even after working in the field of oncology nutrition for 18 years, [...]

Synovial sarcoma

Dr Daleen Geldenhuys educates us on what synovial sarcoma is, the two types you get, the causes, treatment and prognosis. Synovial sarcoma is a soft tissue tumour. It’s rare overall but more common in certain age groups. About one to three people in a million receive a diagnosis of this disease each year.  Synovial sarcoma [...]

Emma-Liegh Riggien – Eternally grateful to be a survivor

Emma-Liegh Riggien shares how she underwent limb-saving surgery when she was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma at age 15. Emma-Liegh Riggien (28) lives in Hillcrest, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Diagnosed at 15 Emma was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma when she was 15 years old. “For 18 months prior to being diagnosed, I couldn’t straighten my left arm but we [...]

Top cancers in adolescents

Prof Gita Naidu describes the most common cancers found in adolescents. The incidence of cancer is rising among adolescents; the cause of the increase is unknown. Annually approximately 5000-6000 adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year in the US, with 500-600 adolescent deaths. Cancer SEER data revealed an increase of 0.67% for males and 0.62% [...]

Childhood leukaemia – Frequently Asked Questions

Rainbows and Smiles, an NGO that is dedicated to supporting children with cancer, shares the frequently asked questions when a child is diagnosed with leukaemia. What is childhood leukaemia? Leukaemia or blood cancer occurs when there is an overgrowth of abnormal white cells. These leukaemia cells grow to the point that they eventually consume and destroy the normal bone [...]

Tips for managing school or university during treatment

Avril de Beer shares tips for both parent and child for managing school or university during treatment. Teenagers and young adults have left childhood behind, but they are not fully matured adults. At this stage of their lives, they are striving for autonomy from their parents while making plans for their future. Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming experience; it may feel as if your entire world has been turned upside [...]

Gabriella Kourie – Lessons learnt from a diagnosis at age 19

Gabriella Kourie tells us how she dealt with the diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma at age 19 and what she learnt from it. Gabriella Kourie (26) lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng and recently got engaged. Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) Gabi was nearing the end of her first year of studies in BSc (occupational therapy) when she [...]

Mom ensures daughter has fertility options

We hear how 18-year-old Lucy* underwent fertility preservation after being diagnosed with dysgerminoma of the right ovary when she was 15, under the advice of her mother. Lucy (18) stays in Johannesburg, Gauteng with her parents. She is currently in her Matric year. Dysgerminoma of the right ovary In July 2019, 15-year-old Lucy noticing a swelling in her stomach. She thought she was bloated but by September it was even more swollen [...]

Miracles happen because of blood and stem cell donors

June was National Blood Donor Month; and, 17-month-old Mackenzie “Mighty Mack” Friedman’s family is sharing her incredible story to encourage you to regularly donate blood and to register as a bone marrow stem cell donor. In May 2022, Mackenzie was declared cancer free. She reached this incredible milestone just over a year after she was diagnosed [...]

Icon Oncology drives the sustainability of cancer care in SA

The survival of oncology in SA was under the spotlight at a recent conference hosted by Icon Oncology in Cape Town.  Attended by more than 700 cancer care providers, which included clinical, pharmaceutical and technology partners, the conference was dedicated to debate the sustainability of private oncology in the country.  Readiness for public private partnerships to […]


Oncoloy Man AugSept22

We are beyond excited to introduce a new brand extension to Oncology Buddies: Oncology MAN. We believe that this is not only a necessity but also a true testament to the phenomenal men out there, affected by cancer. In Oncology Buddies, we have always had a special place For The Boys and their Guy Talk, breaking many societal standards about male cancers, where men had the courage to talk about their experiences. 

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cover 58 BFL AugSept22

The Aug-Sept issue’s theme is Rising Strong with a focus on young adults with cancer and we are so pleased at how it has turned out. In honour of Women’s Month too, we have Super Survivor, Lebogang Mthembu, who candidly speaks about her mental health struggles after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 24. Read her story in Searching for the light.

cover 2022 BigC

Word For Word Media are proud to present a new navigational concept, The 2022 Big Survivor’s Guide, to assist you, the patient, through the strenuous times and guide you through all the humps and bumps and prepare you with the many questions you need answered. Let’s walk and talk through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Big C Online Directory

We still have The Big C Online Directory to help you find any A-Z listing of all things cancer related.