Becoming parents

Prostate cancer survivor, James Howard, tells us how freezing his sperm before his prostatectomy  allowed him and his fiancé, Gayle de Hoog, to become parents. James (59) and Gayle (41) live in Newlands, Cape Town with their son, Luke (14 months). Gayle is currently pregnant with twins. When James was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2014, he [...]

Love of a very rare find – David and Beulah Jankelowitz

We speak to married couple, David and Beulah Jankelowitz, about how their marriage survived a breast- and a prostate cancer diagnosis, and after 54 years is still going strong. David (79) and Beulah (76) Jankelowitz live in Krugersdorp, Gauteng. They have three children and six grandchildren and will celebrate their emerald (55 years) wedding anniversary [...]

Throat cancer

Dr Johann Kluge explains the shift of clinical presentation of throat cancer. Throat cancer (oropharyngeal carcinoma) refers to cancers developing in a specific subset in the head and neck region (base of tongue (BOT) and tonsils). The most common type of cancer in this region is squamous cell carcinoma, although lymphoma is also encountered. Pre-1990 [...]

Sisters fight cervical cancer simultaneously

It’s hard to imagine that cervical cancer affected the lives of two sisters in the same year, and in very different ways. Sisters, Alrita Groenewald and Tessa Supra, share their rare but moving story. The younger sister Alrita (41) was given less than 30% chance of survival, while her sister  Tessa Supra (46) chose to […]

The need for intimacy is ageless

Sex is a powerful emotional experience and improves general health and well-being. Though, if you’re over the age of 60, sex can present challenges. Nonetheless, it’s possible, with better understanding and an open mind, for couples to have a physically and emotionally fulfilling sex life. Natural changes Naturally, sex might be different  when you’re 70 […]

Multiple myeloma

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month is March; with that Dr Ronwyn van Eeden underlines what type of cancer it is, how it is caused and treated. What is multiple myeloma? Bone marrow is a spongy type material found inside our larger bones, such as the sternum, ribs, skull, hips and the long bones of arms and […]

Being alive – Kate Paterson

Kate Paterson (31) recollects the days of her autologous stem cell transplant and high-dose chemotherapy. The first time I was allowed outside was a Sunday morning. The skeleton staff nurses delivered the results of my 2am blood tests without ceremony. I snuck a peek. My white cell count had been building slowly but fiercely from […]

Free oral, head and neck cancer screenings

Considering the 20th annual Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week (OHANCAW), held during 8-15 April, Life Groenkloof Hospital Medical Centre: Suite 110 Groenkloof 0181 will be offering free cancer screenings from 8:00 to 18:00 on 11 April 2018.   In 2018, it is estimated that there will be more than 120,000 new cases of oral, […]