Put on your purple Speedo and join in the fight to run cancer outta town

South Africa’s most daring 5km run is back and ready to raise eyebrows while raising awareness of male cancers. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes are called upon to help paint Jozi purple once again as the Hollard Daredevil Runreturns to the streets of Johannesburg on Friday 15 March 2019 to run cancer outta town. Kicking off […]

A survivor, through and through

Angelinah Matimolane tells us how an asthma attack ultimately led to the discovery of cervical cancer, then how that spread to her stomach, and how 13 years later she is still fighting fit. Angelinah (Angy) Matimolane (47) lives in Soweto with her husband, daughter and three grandchildren. Strong family history of cancer There is a strong […]

What is haematology?

In 1933, Janet Vaughan, said, “Haematology has advanced more rapidly in the last 10 years more than any branch of medicine. Current haematological literature is so prolific that it is increasing difficult for anyone but a specialist to keep up to date7.” In 2019, this is even more so. Haematology is the study of blood in […]

The benefits of door-to-door medication delivery

Wilmarie Rheeders, a clinical analyst at Medipost Pharmacy, tells us the benefits of door-to-door medication delivery. These days, almost anything can be ordered from the convenience of your home or office. You can order food; designer clothes; groceries; gifts; or even a ride to the airport with a click of a button. There is an […]

Gallbladder Cancer

Dr Jason Naicker educates us on gallbladder cancer. What is gallbladder cancer? Gallbladder cancer is cancer that begins in the gallbladder (a small, pear-shaped organ on the right side of the abdomen, just beneath the liver). The gallbladder stores bile (a fluid made by the liver that helps digest fats). Rare cancer Gallbladder cancer is […]

Immunotherapy saved my life

Lynette van Schaik, a mother of two, tells us how immunotherapy killed her aggressive Stage 4 melanoma cancer. Lynette van Schaik (37) lives in Nigel, Gauteng with her husband, Hein, and their sons, Alexander and Ruben, aged 13  and 10. Stage 3 melanoma My first encounter with melanoma was in 2010 when I had a mole […]

SASMO Conference 2018

Prof Georgia Demetriou tells us about the happenings of the South African Society of Medical Oncology (SASMO) Conference 2018. It was with great excitement that we arrived at Durban International Convention Centre for a weekend of interaction with colleagues in the field of medical oncology, oncology pharmacy, clinical haematology, and fertility preservation of cancer patients.  […]