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The benefits of door-to-door medication delivery

February 5, 2019 Word for Word Media 0Comment

Wilmarie Rheeders, a clinical analyst at Medipost Pharmacy, tells us the benefits of door-to-door medication delivery.

These days, almost anything can be ordered from the convenience of your home or office. You can order food; designer clothes; groceries; gifts; or even a ride to the airport with a click of a button. There is an abundance of companies offering exactly what you need, when you need it, to your doorstep. These on-demand modern conveniences make life so much easier and therefore most businesses now offer online shopping and door-to-door delivery. 

Over the past few years, door-to-door delivery of medication has also been a rapidly growing service in South Africa. Besides the obvious convenience factor, this service has many benefits. Especially for people living with a chronic disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV or cancer. 

1. Better medication adherence

According to a report, in The American Journal of Managed Care, when people get their medication delivered to either their homes or work, they are 19% more likely to take the medication as prescribed. It is critical that medication for chronic conditions are taken exactly as prescribed without interruption. 

When using courier pharmacy services, chances of missing a dose or not refilling a prescription on time are significantly reduced. Overall, this leads to better health outcomes and fewer doctor and hospital visits, reducing cost for both the patient   and their medical scheme. 

2. Saving time and money

Delivery of chronic medication from courier pharmacies is usually free of charge and delivered to your destination of choice, at a date and time convenient for you. 

This saves you the effort, time and money needed for a trip to your local pharmacy. Courier pharmacies are also known to focus on add-on services, such as claiming cost-effective generics  where possible; assisting in extending medical scheme benefits; and offering confidential telephonic clinical advice to patients.  

3. Confidentiality and safety is key

When it comes to medical care, patient privacy and medical confidentiality are of paramount importance. Door-to-door medication deliveries are secure and details of your medication are kept confidential throughout the process. Medication is delivered in tamper-free parcels and with the necessary temperature control to ensure the safety of the medication. 

4. Flexibility

Some courier pharmacies also offer the option to change your delivery address as it suits you. This gives you the flexibility you need to live your life to the fullest. Even if you’re away from home for a well-deserved break, your medication can be delivered to your holiday home address – anywhere in South Africa. 

5. Oncology medication 

The delivery of oncology medication must be handled delicately, due to the costliness and sensitivity of these products. Medipost Pharmacy, one of South Africa’s largest courier pharmacies, delivers chemotherapy drugs and consumables via courier services to the treating oncologist’s rooms, or the patient’s treating facility to ensure the safe-handling of the drugs.

Other oncology medication to be taken on chronic basis can be sent either to the doctor’s rooms, or to any destination as chosen by the patient. This takes a lot of the hassle and stress off the patient at a time when it is most needed. 

Chronic illnesses can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming. Delivery of medication via courier can lighten some of the administrative burden of living with a chronic disease, whilst saving you time and money. 


Wilmarie Rheeders graduated from North West University and holds a B.Pharm degree and a Master’s Degree in Pharmaco-Economics. She is a clinical analyst at Medipost Pharmacy.

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