One of the things I love about working on Oncology Buddies is meeting and interacting with cancer patients and survivors from all walks of life and helping them share their incredible stories. If truth be told, every person has a remarkable story as that is what life is all about.

Millicent Mavhungu’s story, Grateful for every day, left me uplifted and proud. We got along so well and the photographs of her are striking; her gratitude is evident in her big smile.

Another enjoyment is learning more and more about the body and cancer. Dissecting metastatic cancer, by Dr Daleen Geldenhuys, is such a stimulating article. Who else relishes medical knowledge? 

Enjoy this issue!

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Breast Cancer Patient Journey

The road to the best breast cancer outcomes is paved with information, multi-disciplinary care and personalised oncology. You can't change the diagnosis, but you can control how you manage the journey. Sysmex is proud to bring you the first breast cancer patient journey to help you navigate through it. Click here to download a PDF [...]

Millicent Mavhungu – Grateful for every day

Having survived COVID while in hospital after being diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, Millicent Mavhungu is grateful to her doctors for saving her life. Millicent Mavhungu (48) lives in Vosloorus, Gauteng with her husband, Doctor, and their three children.  In November 2020, Millicent’s legs were swollen and sore. She went to her GP and he [...]

Colorectal cancer screening in South Africa

Dr Leanne Prodehl expands on the various colorectal cancer screening tests available in South Africa. Who gets colorectal cancer? Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer and the second highest cause of cancer deaths globally.¹ The mortality remains high with 20-25% of patients having metastatic disease at presentation.² CRC incidence is associated with countries with higher [...]

Prostate cancer in black men

Black men have significant differences in incidence, presentation and outcome of prostate cancer compared to other racial groups. Multiple factors play a role including genetic differences and social determinants of health. Understanding these differences helps us to create better healthcare strategies for black men. Prostate cancer (PC) is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in SA, surpassing [...]

Dissecting metastatic cancer

Dr Daleen Geldenhuys helps us understand what metastatic cancer is and how it may respond to treatment. What is metastatic cancer? The word metastatic originates from a Greek word that means: to change. It’s a dreaded word to patients and doctors alike, which indicates that the cancer has left the organ of origin. The cancer [...]

Helping patients live with and not for their cancer

Dr Prinitha Pillay suggests necessary tools to help reframe the new reality that allows cancer patients to live life, not just survive it. Life with cancer is a journey with twists, turns and challenges. Everyone walking this path has a unique experience depending on their type of cancer, diagnosis stage, support network, and outlook on life.  When a [...]

Fertility preservation in young patients with cancer

Medical oncologist, Dr Ronwyn van Eeden, highlights the growing need for fertility preservation in young patients with cancer. Of late, there has been an increase in the number of patients under the age of 49 being treated for cancer; it’s estimated that more than 20 000 are diagnosed annually.  The efficacy of cancer treatments has also improved with [...]

We learn how nutritional support can help manage side effects during cancer treatment.

nutritional support

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