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Coping with the Six Letter Word Cancer

March 23, 2023 Word for Word Media 0Comment

About the book 

Coping with the Six Letter Word Cancer takes the reader through the journey with prostate cancer from testing to diagnosis to treatment to aftercare and follow-up. This is a powerful and candid first-hand account of one man’s journey which is written from the heart with no holds barred. Informative and pure, this book was written for new patients and their loved ones as they prepare to cope with the ordeal of prostate cancer.

About the author

Allen E. Rizzi has been a professional writer for more than 60 years, with his work appearing in the United States and Europe. Besides authoring over 18 books and dozens of articles, he is also a veteran songwriter with 150 songs to his credit. Allen divides his time between Western North Carolina and Northern Italy. Both are home to him and his wife, Rachel, and serve as inspirations for his writing.

Publisher: Independently published

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