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Body Stress Release

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Kathy Heapy explains what Body Stress Release is and the benefits of this non-invasive complementary therapy.

What is Body Stress Release?

Body Stress Release (BSR) is a unique, gentle and non-invasive health profession that originated in SA over 30 years ago. It’s a health practice that limits itself to its own area of expertise: locating and releasing of body stress. BSR isn’t involved in diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions, thus doesn’t duplicate medical services. BSR has thus always enjoyed a co-operative relationship with medicine by receiving referrals from the medical fraternity who entrust their patients to us in a complementary role.

This complementary technique that works in co-operation with other forms of healthcare has a supportive role to play and may provide relief from pain and discomfort for those struggling with health challenges, ranging from mild discomfort and vague symptoms to diagnosed conditions. 

Body stress overload

BSR may enhance quality of life and is suitable for all ages, from young to elderly. Facing daily onslaughts of mental, emotional, mechanical and chemical stress may have a negative impact on your body as it was designed to handle some stress, but as stress accumulates over time, the stress overload becomes locked in. 

Stress may contribute to symptoms such as neck and back pain, pins and needles, postural distortion, muscle weakness, headaches or migraines, indigestion or heartburn, restless sleep, fatigue, numbness, stiffness, to name but a few.  

Body stress overload is a powerful factor that may undermine health and well-being in a myriad of ways and underlie and aggravate many health problems.  

What happens in a session?

With the person lying down fully-clothed, the practitioner performs a series of pressure tests using the feet as a bio-feedback monitor. Using a light but definite pressure in the indicated direction, releases the sites of body stress which may assist to improve and stimulate nerve communication. We often find that after a BSR session, clients report back that they had the best sleep ever, felt an emotional lightness, became aware of a greater mental clarity, or felt a surge of enthusiasm for life. 

Initially three sessions are recommended, for example: day 1, day 4 and day 11. This allows the body to go through necessary adaptations as the body adjusts to lines of tension being released.

At your initial session, your practitioner will take a full medical history and during the consultation will also share how to sit, sleep and bend correctly thus working with the natural bio-mechanical design of the body. 

They will then guide you with regards to suggested intervals between sessions going forward, depending on individual case requirements. Maintenance sessions are usually looked forward to by committed clients who recognise the value of self-care, and we often find a close rapport and friendship develops between the emphatic practitioner and client over time. Should a client be too weak to visit their practitioner, they may enquire about house visits in the comfort of their own home. 

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Kathy Heapy


Kathy Heapy left the travel industry after 20 years’ service as she always had a yearning to work with people in a healing capacity. She currently runs a successful Body Stress Release practice in Midrand, Gauteng and looks forward to a continuation of a fulfilling and enriching future, assisting folk with a compassion and a sincere belief that BSR can offer hope in their world.

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