With August being Women’s Month, we have an unwavering powerhouse of a woman on our cover, Belinda Wagner. Read how she went to great lengths to ensure that her diagnosis of angiosarcoma would not dictate her life in Determined as ever.

It is with great excitement to learn about the launch of CANSA’s Tele Counselling. This service will surely bring hope and needed support to cancer patients and their families.

Once again Elsabé Klinck gives formidable insight in her article Medicines and costs. Then to end things off on a positive note, read how Solly Moeng got Back in the saddle after prostate cancer surgery.

Hope you enjoy this issue.

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Belinda Wagner: determined as ever

We hear how Belinda Wagner, a life coach, facilitator, lecturer and marketing consultant, ensured her diagnosis of angiosarcoma would not take control of her life. Belinda Wagner (48) lives in Fourways, Gauteng. She is married with two daughters, aged 18 and 14. Diagnosis It took six months for doctors to diagnose Belinda with angiosarcoma. It started in [...]

Connect with Hope: CANSA Tele Counselling

This Nelson Mandela Day the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) gives back to cancer patients, those affected by cancer and caregivers by launching its CANSA Tele Counselling service.  The CANSA Tele Counselling service is confidential, professional, cancer-related telephonic counselling to cancer patients, caregivers and their families and parents or guardians of children living with cancer.  Counselling is [...]

What to expect with my first chemotherapy cycle

Dr Sarita Retief explains what to expect when you go for your first chemotherapy cycle. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us all, is that it is very difficult to deal with an unknown future. And that is what everyone must go through at the start of chemotherapy. The day before anxiety [...]

Solly Moeng: Back in the saddle

Solly Moeng tells us how he juggled prostate cancer surgery and work, and how pleased he was when he could get back to his cycling. Solly Moeng (53) lives in Wynberg, Cape Town. He has three children. Work project delays check-up Every year, in April, Solly has a routine medical check-up. During the 2017 exam, […]

Meet the survivor behind Beauty and Blessings

Di Christophers tells us about starting a new business, Beauty and Blessings, after surviving breast cancer. Di Christophers (57) stays in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She is divorced and has two adult children and two grandchildren. Why did you start Beauty and Blessings?  It was due to a traumatic experience I had whilst trying to buy headwear when I lost my hair. […]

Medicines and costs

Why do some medicines cost so much but then others, such as some generics, cost so little? Elsabé Klinck educates us as to why this is so. Types of medicines Medicines are widely defined in the Medicines and Related Substances Act. This law defines a medicine as something that is used to diagnose, treat or prevent [...]

Prostate cancer: a detailed review (Part 2)

We learn about the available treatment offered for localised and locally advanced prostate cancer. Localised prostate cancer Several treatment options are available. The choice is based on: Risk category of the prostate cancer Patient preference  General health and life expectancy of patient Affordability and treatment options available at different facilities 1. Active surveillance  This is for [...]

The impact of radiodermatitis on cancer patients

Radiation oncologist, Dr Yastira Ramdas, unpacks the impact of radiodermatitis on cancer patients. Radiation therapies are a common treatment modality for patients diagnosed with cancer, used exclusively or in combination with other types, such as surgery and chemotherapy.  Radiotherapy administers high-energy photons at or near the tumour site, killing cancer cells by creating free radicals in the cells leading to [...]

Explaining sarcomas and the treatment option of radiation

Dr Nirasha Chiranjan, a radiation oncologist, educates us on the different types of sarcomas and the treatment option of radiation for soft tissue sarcomas. Types of sarcomas  There are a wide range of sarcomas that form in the body; some are benign whilst others are malignant.  Sarcomas can form: from blood cells; in the cells around [...]