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Reconnect with nature

November 27, 2019 Word for Word Media 0Comment

Far too often we forget the miraculous and incredible natural environment in which we live. Slow down and embrace the simple pleasures of nature and feel revived.

Be in a nature mind-set

Recognise that nature is not just a word, and the environment is not simply something we desperately need to take care of. But that it’s the air we breathe, and the space we thrive in. Go outside, lie on the ground and feel the dirt. Let your bare feet touch the grass.


As the sun is setting, take your kids outside, lift your eyes upward and stare into the vast expanse. Find a place where light-pollution is minimal and count the stars together. Look for shooting stars and try to spot the constellations. Allow yourself to feel a small but significant part of this amazing universe.


This is an excellent way to relax. Watch the clouds glide, move and dance. Stimulate your imagination and create pictures in your mind. We all used to imagine jumping on puffy clouds when we were little, didn’t we? 

Follow the moon

The moon is beautiful within itself, but how often do we take the time to step out of our secure homes to look up at night? Learn about waxing and waning moons and nature’s natural rhythm. By linking this with the changing tides, be reminded of the earth’s interconnectedness.

Take note of your body

In practical terms, listen to your body. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry (not necessarily bored) and move when you feel energetic. Take the time to tune into your body. Be grateful for it and try to understand its intricacies.

Listen to the wind

Take five minutes with your family to sit peacefully in nature and play the ‘listening game’. Sit in silence and note how many sounds each of you can hear in a minute. Kids are great at this game and often hear the small things that we have learned to ‘tune out’. Allow the sounds of nature, the birds, the wind in the trees, water flowing and crashing waves to be part of your awareness. 

Listen out for them and enjoy them.

Bond with nature

Go hiking or camping, swim in the cold sea, climb a tree, go trail running, sleep under the stars or walk alongside a river. Together with your kids, plant edible plants, tend to them and watch them blossom. Even, if it’s only a pot on your windowsill.

Source: Robyn Wilkinson

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