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Hydration and cancer

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Melody Fourie reintroduces us to the forgotten but attainable natural medicine: water.

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While most of us practise the ritual of bathing to cleanse the outside of our being, many forget to partake in the discipline of daily hydration as an offering to cleanse the inside of our being. Depriving your body of the clean water it needs for natural bodily functions begins a domino effect of destruction. Days, weeks, months, and even decades of dehydration stress on the body may be the underlying or contributing cause of headaches, back and neck pain, cancers, intestinal disorders, premature aging, obesity, and other health conditions.

Hydration in principle is quite simple, and many are familiar with the magical number of eight to twelve glasses of water, but how many of us regularly achieve this?

The hydration catch

Take a moment to self-check to see if you’re running in a hydrated or dehydrated mode. Your body is either in one state or the other.

Here is the hydration catch; your diuretic fluid intake affects how much more water you may need. For every diuretic fluid (coffee, alcohol, or soda) taken in, you need to subtract two glasses of water.

Starting your day with a seemingly harmless cup of coffee means you lose approximately two glasses of water and a day of operating in dehydration mode could look as simple as this: you might drink two cups of coffee in the morning, enjoy a soda at lunch time, before ending the day with a lovely glass of red wine with dinner. On that day, you will have consumed four diuretic drinks, but your body would have lost approximately eight glasses of water.

Since your optimum daily water intake should be eight glasses, you would need to drink sixteen glasses of water just to break even.

Hydration during chemotherapy

Water is the prime building component of new tissue or cells. Each cell contains receptors, all with a specific shape, that only allow a matching shape to pass through to a cell. A cell sends out a divine and eloquent invitation allowing water or other nutrients to enter.

One of the most harmful effects of toxins is that they can block the entrance of nutrients to these receptors, leaving the cells malnourished and unable to survive in a healthy or productive state.

In opposition, chemotherapy doesn’t require an invitation to enter a cell. It bypasses the receptors, literally breaking through the cell wall, thereby killing the cell. It’s by this way that chemotherapy causes you to lose twice as much fluid, in the form of water, as you take in. The limited resource of water is then extensively consumed to clean up, recreate and replace the dead cells.

Consciously taking part in an optimised hydration regime while undergoing treatment is equally as important as consciously practising a day-to-day hydration regime, you simply need a lot more.

Universal key to wellness

Introducing 3 to 4L of clean water not only helps your body hydrate and repair itself, it also helps flush out the toxic residues of the medicine as water is a universal solvent and there is nothing that water will not clean or dilute.

Replacing the lost water of the body allows another process to re-establish itself, that of the Krebs cycle where adenosine triphosphate, the energy of the body is produced, and is the power used in every biological function in the body.

Those who have undergone treatment know all too well the cycle and rhythm experienced during the days post-infusion. On the first day there is a flood as chemotherapy is delivered to all the cells of the body and symptoms of nausea or other gastric discomfort sets in.

Day two, the body has little energy; there is a deep sensation of lethargy. Day three, four and five, the Herxheimer reaction is experienced as the body displays flu-like symptoms, with joint and muscular discomfort often following.

Thankfully, the human body is like a slow-flowing river, constantly changing and adapting to its environment, and within the next few days these symptoms subside, and cellular repair and regeneration begins. Correct hydration is the universal key to wellness.

May you see water as the natural medicine it is: a cleanser, which restores balance in the body. May you treat water as the irreplaceable food that it is: consciously nourishing the outer and inner world of your human being.

Melody Fourie

MEET THE EXPERT – Melody Fourie

Melody Fourie is an AADP board certified holistic health practitioner and transformational nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health Science; a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and Botanical Medicine; a Master of Natural Medicine; and a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

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