Cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care

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We learn why Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre is considered the local gateway to top-tier radiation therapy services.

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Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre was established in 2018 with a focus on enhancing patient well-being. While specialising in breast cancer, our dedicated team extends its expertise to treat various cancers, including head and neck, lung, prostate, and other sites.

Community-centric excellence

Having assisted thousands of patients and their families, our commitment is unwavering. We deliver exceptional treatment using advanced technology in a comforting and easily accessible environment. This reflects our pride in showcasing the collective strength of institutions collaborating to uplift the health of our community.

Cutting-edge innovation

Our dedication to advancing patient care leads us to continually invest in innovative technology at Busamed Hillcrest Oncology. Our mission is clear: to provide an excellent standard of care and exceptional treatment close to home.

We were the first in Sub-Saharan Africa to offer the Halcyon™ Radiation Therapy System, a revolutionary technology capable of delivering high-quality radiation therapy for various cancer types.

The Halcyon™ linear accelerator, resembling a CT scanner, prioritises your comfort. Its design minimises noise and vibration, and a two-way intercom facilitates communication with your radiation therapist. The extra-large circular opening adds to the overall comfort of your experience.

Precision and protection with AlignRT® InBore™

In pursuit of advancing the precision and safety standards in radiation therapy on the Halcyon™ platform and aligning with our commitment to pioneering InBore™ treatment delivery, we have strategically invested in the cutting-edge AlignRT® InBore™ technology. Notably, we are the inaugural institution in Africa to incorporate this state-of-the-art solution. This ground-breaking technology seamlessly integrates precision, safety, and workflow efficiency, thereby augmenting the overall treatment experience for our patients.

AlignRT® InBore™ incorporates a discreetly placed miniaturised camera within the Halcyon™ treatment ring, ensuring sub-millimetric accuracy in patient monitoring. Through a unique projection of a speckled pattern on your skin, thousands of reference points are utilised by AlignRT®, providing unparalleled precision. The captured imaging information is seamlessly integrated into a software programme, allowing real-time and accurate tracking throughout your setup and radiotherapy treatment. This ensures immediate alerting if any movement deviates from the optimal position. 

Tattoo and mark-free treatment

Traditional radiation therapy requires patients to receive small, often permanent tattoos on their skin to help the radiation therapist position them for treatment. AlignRT® InBore™ projects thousands of virtual tattoos on the surface of your body to monitor your positioning with sub millimetric accuracy.

Using AlignRT® InBore™, Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre has joined a growing number of premiere radiation oncology centres around the world offering tattoo and mark-free treatments.

This technology enhances setup accuracy by continuously monitoring a patient’s movements during treatment delivery, thereby improving the overall treatment experience. Additionally, this technology serves as a platform to notably decrease cardiac doses for patients undergoing radiotherapy to the left breast.

Proven as a game-changer for treatments such as Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) and stereotactic procedures, AlignRT® InBore™ offers an unprecedented level of treatment accuracy that prioritises your comfort. Embrace the future of patient care at Busamed Hillcrest Oncology Centre with AlignRT® InBore™, where technology meets compassion for a personalised and enhanced treatment journey.

Dr Ziad Seedat

MEET THE EXPERT – Dr Ziad Seedat

Dr Ziad Seedat attended the University of Natal and Edinburgh and joined Hopelands in 2004. His special interests are in head and neck stereotactic radiosurgery. He is a director and executive committee member of the South African Oncology Consortium, has served on the steering committee of the South African Society of Clinical and Radiation Oncologists, and is a member of the European Society for Medical Oncology and the American Society for Radiation Oncology.

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