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An expert’s insight into erectile dysfunction and urinary stress incontinence.

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As part of our preparations to welcome Dr Shah to South Africa, local Urologists assisted by NuAngle Medical have been participating in a series of video interviews with Dr Shah. The purpose of these interviews has been to ask the REAL questions that patients in South Africa face regarding men’s health, erectile dysfunction & urinary stress incontinence.

Dr Shah sheds light on many issues faced by prostate cancer patients and survivors in this series, and even provides insight about the latest medical technology and the difference it can make in men’s lives. These discussions are available freely to everyone from the link below or at the QR code at the bottom.


Dr Bhavik Shah is a Urologist who treats all areas of general adult urology with an expertise in penile restoration, Penile implant surgery, Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature correction), erectile dysfunction and incontinence surgery.

He has a specific interest in prostate cancer survivorship with a treatment focus in improving patient quality of life using the newest advances in medical and surgical technology. He travels globally to help educate and teach other Urologists in prosthetic surgery and has been invited as a guest educator to several teaching centers around the world.

“Priority no.1, get rid of the cancer. Know that it is possible that you may have repercussions that can impact your erections and urination, but know that we can manage it and take care of it with you, when we get to that point. There are medical and scientific options out there” Dr B Shah


Dr Shah has a personal connection with South Africa, having stayed here in his childhood years. It has always been important for him to come back and use the knowledge and skill he has gained throughout the years to give back to the country he holds dear to his heart. Penile implant and male sling surgery are procedures that have been gaining international momentum in the last couple of years as we see more and more patients needing permanent solutions for side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Dr Shah is passionate about male health, where he would like to empower the public with knowledge of options available and teach the urology community on these procedures to make advanced scientific procedures more accessible to South African patients.

Click here to watch the full video interviews.

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