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Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Centre

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We find out more about the services offered by Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Centre.

The Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Centre offers friendly, cost-effective oncology treatment in a safe and caring environment. The unit is managed by a team of leading highly-specialised radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists, anaesthetist, psychologist, nurses, and admin staff. Evidenced-based treatment guidelines are used to accomplish the best clinical outcomes for their patients.

The Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Unit is uniquely housed within Busamed Modderfontein Private Hospital, a fully acute multi-disciplinary healthcare facility comprising of a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines.

This model allows for comprehensive medical and oncology care within one environment. Should a patient require hospital admission within their cancer journey, they can rest assured that full continuous medical treatment will be provided.

As treatment plans vary according to the type of cancer, stage and a patient’s general health, such treatment plans could include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of these. The access to support services and specialist doctors allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to medical care, psychological care, wound care, radiology, and dietetics.

This model facilitates comprehensive continuity of care which contributes to reducing the risk of deferred treatments. Deferred treatments can have detrimental effects on the outcome and management of a patients type of cancer diagnosis.

Their goal is to provide holistic, quality, and supportive care to their patients throughout the patients cancer journey.

Latest technology

The Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Unit is equipped with the latest technology supporting various cancer treatment modalities, including a chemotherapy unit, Linear Accelerator for external beam radiation treatments, a brachytherapy unit and in-house CT scanning.

The unit further supports patients by proving transport services to and from the oncology centre to accommodate patients who can’t afford to travel or those who are unable to drive due to their illness.

Spotlight on brachytherapy

Most people know extensively about chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the management of cancer, as these are the most publicised forms of treatment.

However, brachytherapy is another form of treatment that is both highly-specialised and targeted. It’s not only a targeted radiotherapy treatment that is localised, it also offers the potential benefits of reduced side effects and treatment time. This is a significant aid to patients undergoing treatment.

The Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Centre has invested in a state-of-the-art brachytherapy treatment machine which is designed to manage the following cancers:

  • All gynaecological cancers
  • Rectal
  • Nasopharynx
  • Oesophagus
  • Skin lesions/interstitial brachytherapy

Brachytherapy, which in most cases is given in conjunction with external beam radiation therapy, is of paramount importance to get to higher doses for control of most gynaecological cancers. Morbidity rates have also improved drastically as the dose to critical organs like the bladder, rectum and bowel can be adjusted to achieve the tolerance levels before treatment can commence.

For many of these cancers, the treatment has become incomplete without the use of the brachytherapy machine as it delivers targeted radiotherapy to the tumour. Due to this level of focus on the tumour, the prognosis has significantly improved.

“We can deliver high doses of radiation directly to the tumour whilst reducing the dose to surrounding critical structures,” says Lindiwe Fokazi, Oncology Unit Manager. “High dose treatment through external beam radiotherapy has its limitations as it may damage critical organs surrounding the cancer area. However, with the use of the brachytherapy machine this is easily achievable as the equipment comes with a variety of applicators designed to treat different types of cancers and locations with pinpoint accuracy.”

“Through the use of various cancer treatment modalities and superior clinical support we provide our patients with exceptional oncology treatment and care,” says Lindiwe.

Patient support

The Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Centre strives to partner with various cancer NGOs, such as the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation, to embark on various educational activities and support groups.

Look Good, Feel Better initiatives take place monthly with the assistance of various sponsors, and patients are treated to pamper sessions with the oncology unit staff members.

Patients who require oncology treatment, who are not based in the Johannesburg area can enquire with the oncology unit regarding accommodation availability. Our friendly team will gladly assist with referring you to interim accommodation where meals and transport to and from the hospital is made available at affordable rates.

Where to find us

The oncology unit is conveniently located just off Marlboro Drive past Linbro Business Park. The location is easily accessible from the N3 Highway as well as other main and arterial routes allowing for convenient access to our modern, quality healthcare facility. The unit has attracted patients from various South African provinces as well as surrounding countries.

 The goal at Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Unit is to conduct ongoing education about the risk factors and prevention measures of cancer.

As the Oncology logo suggest, “Together We Can See a New Day Dawn” and working together we can beat cancer one patient at a time.

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To contact the Busamed Modderfontein Oncology Unit, visit or call +27 11 458 2089

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