Oncology Buddies is a lifestyle oncology magazine published by Word for Word Media cc. This title forms a new section within Buddies for Life magazine and caters for other cancer awareness and the various support groups. Our features focus on awareness, education and support.

Oncology Buddies is supported by The Cancer Alliance and CANSA.

Word for Word Media is inspired to inform and educate people in various niche markets by disseminating valuable words via credible and resourceful titles.

Since 2007, we have published Rolling Inspiration magazine, in partnership with QASA (QuadPara Association). In 2011, we initiated Buddies For Life magazine with the support of the Breast Health Foundation.

By prioritising accuracy and accountability, we endeavour to create reference hubs for knowledge relevant to the specific sectors we are involved in.

Word for Word Media produces high quality booklets on a regular basis packed with well-researched information. Some of these booklets include the A-Z Guide, Automobility, Guide to employing people with disabilities, Team SA (Paralympics).

Our dedicated team have all the expertise required to produce what you might need.

Publisher - Karen Joseph

My adrenaline rush has lasted for the last 20 years with it brings passion for publishing, the thrill of advertising and the opportunity of meeting the most phenomenal people. It will always be the people that we work with that bring home the unbelievable stories that inspire, motivate and capture minds and souls. Everyday I am humbled!

Editor - Laurelle Williams

Laurelle is the Editor at Word for Word Media and graduated from AFDA with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Live Performance. She have a love for storytelling and sharing emotions through the power of words. Her aim is to educate, encourage and most of all show there is always hope.

Designer - Sandra De Oliveira

With my creative flair and passion for publishing, I enjoy being responsible for page layouts, ad design and website development. Because of my ability to multi-task – I am also the Advertising, Production and Distribution Co-ordinator. I have have been part of Word for Word Media since its inception in September 2007.

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