Jun 5, 2017 Sandra

What is pain? We know it is a short word associated with a negative feeling, which we use often: “I’m in pain”, “She/he’s such a pain”, “This is a pain”. But what does this word really mean? Professor Romy Parker enlightens us.

Pain is a complex experience common to all human beings and yet unique to each of us. The International Association for the Study of Pain (ISAP) defines pain: “as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or expressed in such terms. Pain…

Apr 12, 2017 Sandra

As boys, we are told to be brave. As men, it’s much harder to talk about life, health or feelings than the latest sporting news. Men feel they aren’t allowed to open up, even to themselves, for fear of being seen as weak or unattractive. The pressure of the ‘traditional idea of masculinity’ stops most men from taking care of their health and allowing their emotions to be lived. Testicular cancer forced me to alter this.

At the age of 30, the diagnosis of testicular cancer hit me between the…

Mar 29, 2017 Sandra
There are many different types of cancers, which previously had very dismal prognoses and bad outcomes, for which immunotherapy has changed the outlook of the future. It is fast becoming a new beacon of hope to many patients with advanced and aggressive cancers. So far, it has been approved for treatment of melanoma, lung, renal   cell carcinoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder cancer, head and neck cancers, and the list grows each day. Immunotherapy is also under investigation for treatment of triple-negative breast cancer, gastric cancer, Merkel cell cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, and pancreatic cancer amongst many other different cancer types….

Mar 28, 2017 Sandra 1Comment

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Paula Robertson is loud, busy, constantly cracking jokes, and an excellent problem-solver; your typical Portuguese woman. After she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she vowed to never change her personality. In fact, her unique characteristics were only enhanced. She even saw the funny side of having a stoma bag, calling it Winnie the Pooh. The proud grandmother shares her story with us.

Paula Robertson (59) lives in Glenvista, JHB with her husband. She has two adult…

Mar 28, 2017 Sandra

Choosing a suitable site is especially important when treating a child with cancer, and all measures to try and reduce the stress and anxiety related to this event for the child are vital. Dr Wainwright, a paediatric oncologist, explains how this is done as well as highlights the importance of looking after the veins and preserving them for future use. 

For both parent and child, choosing a vein for venous access is an important issue. Counselling is a must – explaining to both parent and child what is going to be done, how and…

Mar 28, 2017 Sandra

Discovery Health offers a snap guide to taking control when your child is diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer happens when cells grow out of control; normal cells turn into abnormal ones and then multiply rapidly, crowding out healthy cells. Instead of dying off and being replaced like normal cells, cancer cells live longer. Some cancers affect only a specific area, while others spread. The most common childhood cancers are unsurprisingly found in developing cells, such as blood and bone marrow (leukaemia), the immune system (lymphoma), the brain and nervous system (brain tumours and neuroblastomas), kidneys,…

Mar 22, 2017 Sandra

As men age, their prostates become larger causing difficulty in urinating. This is known as benign prostatic hypertrophy and is not cancerous, but one out of six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC) during their lifetime, and PC treatments can affect sexual functioning.

What is a prostate?  It is a walnut-sized gland, which is part of the reproductive system in men. It lies below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds part of the urethra, which is the tube that transports urine from the bladder to exit the body. Its main function is…

Feb 2, 2017 Sandra

Photos by Chantal Drummond Photography | info@chantaldphoto.co.za | www.chantaldphoto.co.za

To celebrate her 10th year of being cancer-free this year, Zelka Spoja-Vieira is throwing a survivor themed party. She outwitted breast cancer, outlasted cervical cancer and outplayed everything life has thrown at her. The mother of two shares her story with us.

Zelka Spoja-Vieira (43) lives in Constantia Kloof, JHB. She is in the process of a divorce. She has two sons, aged 14 and 11.

At the age of 33, Zelka was going about her wife duties – cleaning house…