July 27, 2017 Editor
Emily Anne Gray tells us how she confronted a cancer diagnosis at age of 11, and how she chose life over limb. Emily Anne Gray (25), a Paralympic swimmer, lives in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Pain Being an 11-year-old, Emily loved running. So, when she began to feel an aching pain in her left leg, close to her hip joint, the physiotherapist’s reasoning that it was a muscle injury, from all the races she competed in, made sense. Though, after several different tissue treatments, the pain never subsided. Emily’s parents then took her to a chiropractor who sent her for X-rays,…

June 5, 2017 Editor

When you meet Dewald and Tina Botes, their love and care for each other is so evident and tangible. A couple’s love would need to be deep and rock solid to survive the shocking diagnosis of a frontal lobe brain tumour. We hear their astounding story.

Dewald Botes (55) lives in Lonehill, JHB with his wife, Tina. They have four children: Heinrich (Dewald’s son) and Charissa, Tianè and Juri (Tina’s children). After getting a second chance at love, and two and a half years of dating, Dewald and Tina made their commitment official by getting married. Nine months…

March 28, 2017 Editor 1Comment

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Paula Robertson is loud, busy, constantly cracking jokes, and an excellent problem-solver; your typical Portuguese woman. After she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she vowed to never change her personality. In fact, her unique characteristics were only enhanced. She even saw the funny side of having a stoma bag, calling it Winnie the Pooh. The proud grandmother shares her story with us.

Paula Robertson (59) lives in Glenvista, JHB with her husband. She has two adult…

February 2, 2017 Editor

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To celebrate her 10th year of being cancer-free this year, Zelka Spoja-Vieira is throwing a survivor themed party. She outwitted breast cancer, outlasted cervical cancer and outplayed everything life has thrown at her. The mother of two shares her story with us.

Zelka Spoja-Vieira (43) lives in Constantia Kloof, JHB. She is in the process of a divorce. She has two sons, aged 14 and 11.

At the age of 33, Zelka was going about her wife duties – cleaning house…